About the Artist

I have always been passionate about drawing since I was a small child. After high school I took a break from the doodling hobby to focus on my engineering studies. I graduated with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and work as a software engineer for Google. Soon after settling in the Pacific Northwest, I rediscovered art as my true calling. I studied with William Elston, Mitch Albala, Max Ginsburg, and Tony Ryder. I am most inspired by Max Ginsburg’s social realism, his call for “Truth is Beauty,” and the social impact that art can make. To the end of social impact, I created a Room To Read charity campaign to donate 100% of my art sales to support education for children in need.

I have been painting since 2002. My medium of choice is oil. I explore a variety of genres but am most interested in landscape and figure. I work from life mainly, as I find it beneficial for my learning of the lighting and the modeling of forms this way.

Art helps me see the world with gratitude, and the process of creating is meditative to me. I also find that artistic creativity and logical reasoning are complementary: each painting is a problem-solving process as much as an artistic expression.