About the Artist

Min is an award-winning artist based in the northwestern United States. She is a representational painter whose passion is the great outdoors and figures. She is a member of the prestigious Oil Painters of America and an instructor at the Kirkland Arts Center.

Min mainly works from life. She masterfully captures the beauty of nature and strives for impressionistic loose strokes blended with a classical realism that explore the interplay of shapes and light. To see her recent works, see blog or instagram: @minzhong1.

A little bit about her art journey: Min has always been passionate about art since she was a small child. She was also interested in the natural sciences and pursued studies in engineering and landed a day job in the software industry. Soon after settling in the Pacific Northwest, she rediscovered art as her true calling and started painting in 2002. Her main influences are her legendary teachers Max Ginsburg, Kyle Ma, and Matt Smith. She is most inspired by Max Ginsburg's social realism, his call for “Truth is Beauty,” and the social impact that art can make. To the end of social impact, she created a Room To Read charity campaign to donate her art sales to support education for children in need.

Min feels art helps her see the world with gratitude, and the process of creating is meditative to her. She also finds that artistic creativity and logical reasoning are complementary: each painting is a problem-solving process as much as an artistic expression.

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